As of July 27, 2017

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Sphere FTSE Canada Sustainable Yield Index ETF




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Sphere FTSE Europe Sustainable Yield Index ETF




Sphere FTSE Asia Sustainable Yield Index ETF




Sphere FTSE Emerging Markets Sustainable Yield Index ETF



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Financial Statements

Management Report of Fund Performance

IRC Annual Report to Shareholders

The Manager has established policies and procedures with respect to the voting of proxies (the “Proxy Voting Policy”) received from issuers of securities held in a Sphere ETF portfolio. Subject to the Proxy Voting Policy, the Manager will generally determine to vote (or refrain from voting) proxies for each Sphere ETF for which it has voting power on a case-by-case basis, and in the best interests of the Sphere ETF. The Proxy Voting Policy is not exhaustive and due to the variety of proxy voting issues that the Manager may be required to consider, are intended only to provide guidance and are not intended to dictate how proxies are to be voted in each instance. The Manager may depart from the Proxy Voting Policy in order to avoid voting decisions that may be contrary to the best interests of the Sphere ETFs.

The Manager will publish these records on an annual basis, commencing in 2016, on the Manager’s web site at Each Sphere ETF’s proxy voting record for the annual period from July 1 to June 30 will be available at any time after August 31 following the end of that annual period, to any Unitholder on request, at no cost, and will also be available at